we facilitate admission to Canadian Colleges and Universities

About Us

We are Enlighten

We are a private limited company registered under company’s act of Sri Lanka. We provide legal services on submitting temporary residence visa applications and permanent resident visa applications to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, through representation of Regulated Immigration Consultant Yasara Jasingarachchi Perera RCIC706200 YNJ Immigration Consultancy Inc Canada.

Furthermore, we facilitate admission to Canadian Colleges and Universities and represent clients in submitting their visa applications, perfect documentation. We ensure you are guided in the correct path way to reach the final destination of obtaining the Permanent Residency. Our aim is to guide you from step one to ensure, no last minute delays or surprises that could dampen your dreams. Also we ensure your safety in the decisions you take in this journey to obtain Permanent Residency. We guarantee honesty and transparency since initial consultation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most trusted partner in Sri Lanka, to guide you in obtaining Visa to Canada.


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